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What's Your Flavor?

Gloria NietoComment
What's Your Flavor?

First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone that made it to the gourmet popcorn tasting! We sincerely appreciate your support! 

With a variety of over 40 flavors of popcorn, there is sure to be a choice for everyone!  After trying every single flavor I had narrowed it down to my top 3. Still, during the event I spent more time around other flavors and discovered that it is unrealistic to just have 3 favorite ones. There are so many to choose from and ultimately it depends on the scenario!

Depending on the occasion you must indulge on a different flavor. Pop on the Block's  Pop Packs™  and Deluxe varieties are timeless treats that you MUST stock in your cabinets at all times....seriously. Whether you have a surprise visit from friends, you are planning a road trip, or simply relaxing at home and watching a movie, I advise you to always have some Pop Packs™  available.

I'll say it again, gourmet popcorn is ALWAYS a great idea and Pop on the Block will always leave you happy and satisfied! Some of their top sellers include buffalo cheddar, oreo cheesecake, dill pickle, and kit kat crunch...just to name a few.


Do you know someone who is involved in fundraisers? Well whether its for a school, dance team, or a personal cause, Pop on the Block has simple and very lucrative fundraising programs that you should get on board with. This is one of the company's specialties and they take pride in their ability to enable any cause to raise much more money than your traditional fundraiser. Contact the co-founder, Justin Hetherington, at and he will be more than happy to discuss more details.

And finally, Pop on the Block also offers their products and can customize labels and mix & match popped kernel colors for any occasion such as: 



-Bridal Shower/ Parties

-Birthday Parties

-Graduation Parties

-Family Reunions


-Sports Team

-Company parties & packages

 Lisa and Justin (mother & son co-founders!) and their team will accommodate you and make sure your popcorn dream come true!

Don't live close by? Purchase it online

Follow @popontheblock on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to let us know what's your flavor!

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