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Welcome to the Block

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Welcome to the Block

A few months ago while walking around the streets of Old San Juan, I visited a place full of my favorite flavors. But not just any flavors...popcorn flavors! I thought it was a great concept, to bring together spicy, salty, sweet and sour flavors to create unique and different tasting popcorn. I don't know about you, but when I invite others to my home I always make sure they have a little something to snack on, so this is definitely a perfect choice!

While craving this amazing popcorn and rushing in and out of the Providence Place Mall, I found exactly what I was looking for! Amongst all the bright colors, there it was:

Pop on the Block


I never dreamed there could be so many different kinds of flavored popcorn! Or that there were drinks that accompanied them! It wasn't until I met Lisa, the owner and founder of Pop on the Block, that I settled on adding a popcorn station to my apartment! (Jk, but could you imagine...) 


Pop on the Block made it's first opening on Block Island in 2016. With so many unique options in store, customers kept coming back desperately craving to try every flavor. Pop on the Block personalizes popcorn for any occasion! Celebrating a wedding or a birthday party, looking for the perfect little something to gift your co-workers or employees? Pop on the Block has a flavor for you!


While I was there, I was introduced to over 42 flavors! YES, Annie the store manager at the Providence Place Mall location, had me sample EVERY single one of them! Now that's what I call a real popcorn tasting! Not gonna lie I took a few breaks in between to clear my palette, but I did it! After trying them, my top three flavors were Ghost Cheddar, Salted Vinegar and Black Pepper Cheddar! 


When you get to try them, let me know which one is your favorite! I invite you and dare you to try all of them! 


As a result:

Gin & Topics is proud to host a gourmet popcorn tasting this upcoming Thursday March 2nd at the Providence Place Mall location (first floor by Macy's). Starting at 6 in the afternoon we will be welcoming guests to indulge and discover their favorite popcorn flavor! 



Plus, who doesn't like a giveaway? Stop by our event and be one of the first 50 attendees to receive a free giveaway!



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