There are a million things women have to keep up with, hair, nails, figure, the house, kids, a job. I've been dying to pair up with a beauty expert Ii made perfect sense to invite Lisa into my blog!

I am embarrassed to admit I was a smoker for six years... I know GROSS. Not really sure why I did it for so long considering we all know the negative impact it has on your health! After quitting, now I have to take extra good care of my skin. I want to make sure that I do my best to regain all those poisonous months I put my body through. I don't have to explain to you how it negatively affects your health but did you know that cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which is responsible for replacing the oxygen in your skin? Or that the nicotine in a cigarette reduces your blood flow leaving your skin discolored and dried? Also, the amount of Vitamin C cigarettes take away from your body leaving your skin with low resources to repair itself. I refuse to bore you with negative aspects of cigarettes since by now you probably are well aware. For those who are lucky to have never tried it YOU ARE NOT MISSING A THING... 

That being said, it was time to take immediate action to get my skin looking its best! I made an appointment for a facial with Lisa at Calma Salon in Cranston, and let me tell you she is AMAZING! There are sooo many different facials available to choose from at Calma.. MicroCurrent lifting, Oxygen infused, BioActive peel, IonActove treatment with LED....  I didn't know where to begin, I wanted them all! I figured I'd let Lisa choose for me, and she customized the perfect treatment for my skin. So before the facial began I had to answer some questions on the Dermalogica intake form, I had no idea how simple everyday things like medications, tanning, and retinoids could affect the treatment she chose. Lisa brought me to the facial room and... it is the cutest room!



The first thing she does is facemapping (Dermalogicas term for analyzing my skins conditions) from there she decides what treatments my skin will benefit from the most. Every Dermalogica facial is completely customizable to your skins condition.

    The whole process of having a facial with Lisa was completely luxurious! Literally everything felt amazing, who knew washing your face could feel so great?! So she always starts with the precleanse, then a cleanser suited for your skin type. Next she puts on an exfoliating masque with steam, which helps loosen up the clogged pores for extractions. She uses a high-frequency wand after extractions. This helps to reduce blackheads and enlarged pores. It also makes the skin more receptive to treatment products. She touched up my eyebrows as well, how awesome that eyebrows are included with the facial! Next Lisa pushed serums into my skin with a totally relaxing facial lymph drainage massage. This detoxifying massage helps with eye bags and dark circles, reduces signs of fatigue, and makes your face appear slimmer... After my massage it was time for another masque, and blue LED Light Therapy! Okay so LED Light Therapy is awesome, the blue light kills acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and redness. Red light is the ultimate for anti aging, green light is great for reducing pigmentation and yellow is healing and reduces scars. After ten minutes she removed the masque with a steam towel and toned and moisturized my skin. Needless to say my skin was absolutely glowing and beautiful!!! 

After the facial Lisa gave me a Dermalogica prescription paper... basically this is a list of her professional recommendations for taking care of my skin at home. This is so great because without this I'd most likely be buying a bunch of products that sound amazing, but are not suited to my skin. Also clients receive 15% off all Dermalogica products!!! Lisa recommended I use the pre cleanse, special cleansing gel, antioxidant hydramist toner, active moist and daily microfollliant. I am obsessed with the daily microfolliant, and the precleanse makes taking off my makeup soooo much easier!! 

    I highly recommend you to book a facial with Lisa ASAP, the Summer is coming and great skincare makes it easy to feel confident and beautiful going makeup free!

To take immediate actions and great care of my skin Lisa has recommended me with some amazing Dermalogica products that you can purchase at Calma Salon Oh.. and before I forget you get to enjoy 25% off when purchasing in store! 

For everyone that wears makeup, whether it's  just for a normal day or for a night out, you must remove it as soon as you arrive home! I am guilty myself of sleeping with it but its the reason why I am know battling with unclogging my poor.  

Thanks so Lisa, my skin is looking much better! After visits her at Calma Salon we worked on a magical facial. YES MAGICAL, it was amazing to see the quick effects of the blue lights and of the mega cleanse she did on my face. After leaving the salon, Lisa gave me strict instructions to exfoliate my face at least twice a day and to NEVER sleep with makeup on. Almost  a month after I can now say my clogged pores are almost gone! 

Are you ready to have flawless skin? Book your appointment with Lisa today here & mentioned Gin & Topics to receive 15% off services.


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