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Will I ever pack light?

Gloria NietoComment
Will I ever pack light?

I have to admit, traveling LIGHT has never been my expertise. It is really hard to decide days in advance what I will be in the mood to wear. I definitely include more than just my personality in my attire. I like to put a little bit of my mood into it. So if you see me and I'm wearing all black, I might be dwelling on something not worth getting into. 

With that being said, after traveling countless times, I think I have a new routine when it comes to packing light!

Here are some steps I followed this time around:

1. Go over the days you will be traveling and what you will be doing. Whether it is with a friend or by yourself, account for how many changes of clothing you will need.

2. The weekend before your travels, try them on. Mix and match them and make sure that you have a complete outfit for the occasion (pieces of clothing, appropriate under garments, accessories, shoes & bag)

3. DO NOT PUT THEM INSIDE YOUR SUITCASE. This is key for me. Look for a table or a space in your home you don't use every day. Leave everything neatly folded ready to be packed. 

4. Place everything inside your suitcase 2 days before your travels. This is a technique I am trying for the first time. The longer I stare at my suitcase I begin to add many things that were not part of my original plan. 

5. Make a small list of the things you packed. I do it on my iPhone on the Note App while I am placing everything inside my suitcase. This way I know what I packed which helps me keep track of everything I am taking with me.

Considering I am only traveling 3 days, there should be no need for me to over pack. Keeping it light, I have learned, makes it more enjoyable to travel. There is no point on taking everything I own, which would be impossible when I am only going away for the weekend!


Until my next topic...