A few tips to follow when you travel for the weekend

A few tips to follow when you travel for the weekend

I arrived to Syracuse NY for the weekend. I wanted to share some traveling tips that keep me organized when I travel.


The only thing you will ever buy in life that will make you richer is plane tickets to the places that will create memories to last you a lifetime! I travel often considering my family is my number one priority and they all live miles away from me. I was not a fan of the idea back in 2011. How was I going to pack every single thing I owned every time I traveled back and forth? What if I forgot something I needed? Where was home from me Puerto Rico or RI? Well let me tell you, the first couple of times I over packed and did not wear half of my clothing. From them on, after a few trips of heavy weight lifting thanks to countless unnecessary outfits I decided to switch it up a bit!

I have polished my skills and actually enjoy traveling a lot… okei maybe TOO MUCH,  you might be able to tell if you follow me on @ginandtopics.



We all hate arriving to your destination and realizing we forgot the pair of shoes to math out outfit? Or personality I can't stand when I forget to bring my socks... Maybe leaving behind your phone charger, even something more important like you glasses or extra contact lenses?

These are some tips that I follow myself to prevent throwing a tantrum or fighting with my own self trying to figure out what I forgot to pack!

1.     Make a list. It keeps you from forgetting what you need. You can check it with a friend that travels often they might be adamant about something you might not be.

 2. Attempt to pack light. I say attempt because this never really works for me… I like to make sure I have a few things extra just in case I decide to make a few extra stops or even extend my trip.

3.     Make a little to buy list. Do not waste pounds on toiletries! It is key to calculate your weight on things that are worth it!

4.     Plan my wardrobe by the day and try it on. I find that this way you do not pack pieces of clothing or accessories that you will not need on your trip, saving you lot’s of room for the ones you will definitely wear.

5.     Emergency kit! Which will different for everyone! Have you ever felt like you are in a bad situation but you are the only one that understands it? Your emergency might not be the same as mine... As a fashionista I make sure to pack bandaids for blisters depending on shoes, extra scarfs and socks appropriate for the outfits and multiple bras considering all shirts require different ones. 

6. Research and learn about the places you will be traveling to beforehand! It is important to know a little bit of the culture you will be emerging into. You do not want to be rude or feel stupid when acting a certain way just because it is done in your culture. If you ask me, I would rather educate myself rather than make a fool of myself. 

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