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Find yourself!

Gloria NietoComment
Find yourself!

Finding yourself is one of my favorite things to preach!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, always remember to do things for yourself! At the end of the day, who do you really go to bed with, that special someone or yourself? 


To be yourself, you have to do a little bit of soul searching which I have been on the hunt for lately.

Justine has been spoiling me not only in the kitchen but also by showing me some spots I have yet to visit. It’s safe to say I can be a complete diva but I do love embracing my inner "nature girl" once in a while. Of course my hiking outfits have to be on point, maybe by adding a headpiece or some jewelry. Who said that a hike can’t be fashionable?

I had the pleasure of hiking the Purgatory while savoring lunch made by chef Justine. Her Italian Grinder was to die for! Even though I am NOT a fan of anything that comes in a beer bottle, I have to admit Shipyard Cider wasn't too bad.. Guess it means I will be expanding my drink list this season.

Interested in trying Chef Justine's famous Italian Grinder? You might have to come meet her... this recipe is top secret!

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