Off To A Great Start!

For the past few days I have been off the blog due to the Caribbean weather.  It has been eight long months since the last time I laid down under the sun listening to the sound of the waves.


Isla Verde

Puerto Rico is an island with many things to do, even though it is only 100 x 35 miles long . Did you know there are approximately 3.5 million residents on the island?

I am thrilled that I got to spend the last moments of 2015 on the island. And I was even more happy to say goodbye to such a life changing year. Trust me when I tell you 2015 was a hell of a ride!

I walked in my College Graduation.

I traveled a few times to PR and, for the first time to Cancun, Mexico.

Signed a lease for my first apartment as a big girl.

Gin & Topics was born.


Made it to 2016!

It is a tradition of mine to ring in the New Year in Puerto Rico. If you are planning a vacation you should definitely consider it. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. I Don't know how I managed to get many of my favorite things done in such a short amount of time.


Enjoying Puerto Rican food.

Pool day

Laying by the Pool at Dorado.

My kind of Coco

My kind of Coco!

Quality time

2016 Resolutions

& coming up with some 2016 resolutions.

Stay tuned to learn more some popular spots in PR!

Until My Next Topic...



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