Midnigh Kiss

Tonight, in many places all over the world, people are hoping to get that famous midnight kiss. As I curl my hair and get ready to say goodbye to a year full of changes in my life, Enzo waits at Nordstrom with champagne for two.

Enzo w:champgne

Enzo is thrilled to celebrate his first ever New Year's Eve! Because it will be a night to remember, he shopped for bowties and got the Holiday Collection "Midnight kiss" bowtie by Thrifty Pup (@thriftypup).

Enzo's First NYE

We have agreed to start off the new year with a casual PR hangout. Enzo and I will be having our third date, enjoying pitorro and frituras by the pool.

Enzo @Nordstrom

Both Enzo and I are hoping to establish many more connections in 2016, with our favorite brands.

Until my next topic...



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