Meet My Blind Date: Little Enzo

It's the moment of truth...


I introduce you to my blind date: Little Enzo the Frenchie!


Enzo invited me yesterday to his lovely home in Puerto Rico to enjoy some wine and cheese. The moment I walked through the door he stole my heart with his energetic spirit, unquestionable good looks and contemporary sense of style. I have too admit I've never seen a pup so handsome and dapper in my life! One thing's for sure, if there's a way to this girls heart is through fashion and...

FOOD!  His appetite for cheese, cold cuts, and "puptini's" is quite impressive. There was not one moment where we didn't enjoy ourselves.


Little Enzo wearing the "Enzo" collar from Le Frank (@lefrankau) "Friendship" Collection & "The Classic" button down from Dog Threads (@shopdogthreads)

To say the least Enzo did not waste time in establishing a connection...

Kissing on the first date? YUP...LOL

I am wearing one of my favorite sets with my new Alexander McQueen stone cuff bracelet in black.

Let's just say it was definitely a great first date. Looking forward to the next time we meet!

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Until my next topic...



© 2015 Gloria Isabel Nieto