Everything But Basics

Believe it or not, basics are very hard to find in my closet. I have actually made it a point this season to try as hard as I can to purchase more of them. As I have said before, it is a must to show personality through my outfits. If you have met me or just know me through Gin & Topics, you should know by now that I like to stay on the edge when it comes to fashion. I like to try new things and experiment with my style. Alexander McQueen is my ultimate favorite. Thinking outside the box is definitely one of my strongest traits, which makes it very difficult to purchase everything but basics.


Men and women should have at least 3 of my top basics in their closet.

My top basics for men:

White V-neck

Dark Jeans

Track Pants

Grey Suit


My top basics for women:

Black Dress

Classic Pumps

Slip on Sneakers

Dressy Jacket

White Top

Sneak peek flaunting some basics!


Photography: Kelly Dutra-Leal

Until my next topic...



© 2015 Gloria Isabel Nieto