What Does It Mean To Be A Model?

Words can have many different meanings depending on the context in which they are being used. The word model has been identified for many years with runway rooms. All around the world, models are used to showcase products or even services. When you hear the word model you create an idea in your mind. When I hear it I think of a tall and thin silhouette.

What does it mean to be a model? Have you ever asked yourself that question?


Photography by: Kasey Steward

GIN has done some research for you. A model is a a person that is used to represent a product or a brand. He or she can be used to create a scenario displaying clothing or simply being used to create an idea that can be photographed. At times, it might be about the model, but in many cases, it is more about the concept that a brand wants to achieve.

There is no such thing as the perfect model. A good model is created when he or she fits the idea of whoever is looking to create an advertisement, promotion or display. In today's world, there are certain stereotypes that meet the expectations of certain companies. Of course, a Victoria Secret angel will never be a bigger size. It's not the image the brand wants to advertise.

Photography by: Daniel Gagnon

You might be a model and not even realize it. Do you advertise what you wear? Have you ever represented an idea or brand? Have you been asked what you are wearing, and answered with a label? If the answers for these questions are yes, you can consider yourself a model.


 Photography by: Kasey Steward

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