Guilty of a Pink Pewter obsession!

What might be essentials for you, wont necessarily be the same for me. On the top of my list of essentials are headpieces. For years I have been implementing them in my wardrobe, even when I was not really supposed to be sporting them. I attended an all girls school, Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas in Puerto Rico, for fourteen years. There was a strict uniform code that did not include headpieces. I still managed to pull them off, whether it was an actual headpiece or a ribbon used as a headpiece. I wore them almost every day, even when we were warming up before my soccer or volleyball games.

CPN Headpiece   Volleyball Team

(highschool uniform & volleyball team)

It wasn't until I was gifted my first Pink Pewter that the real obsession started. I was wearing them day and night. Some of my friends even asked me where I was going when getting ready in the AM. "I'm just going to school" I would reply.  I even ran into one of my college professors after I graduated who, after I asked him if he remembered me, replied "Of course! You were the girl that wore the bedazzled headpieces and crazy lipstick colors. How could I forget."

Milan Italy Pink Pewter

(Milan, Italy)

My Pink Pewter collection has traveled with me all over the globe. From a fraternity Formal in Cape Cod to my family functions in Puerto Rico. To Florence, Milan and Rome while living in Italy and, of course, to Mexico during the day parties in Cancun Spring Break, which matched perfectly with my all my bathing suits. I also made sure I had different styles of them for all four seasons.

At Flaunt Providence    Cancun Blue Headpiece

(Providence & Cancun)

Cancun Flower Headpiece    Headpieces and Louboutins  Mardi Gras Pink Pewter

(Cancun, Providence & Mardi Grass)

Pink Petwe Boda Angie & Salim    New Years Eve 2013

(Puerto Rico)

I am guilty of a Pink Pewter obsession. Did you ever walk into a candy store as a kid and not know where to begin filling your bag to take home? Well, trust me, its the exact same feeling I get when I see Mireya Villarreal (owner) at the Pink Pewter booth in the buying shows. I just want to hord them all and add more to my essentials.

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© 2015 Gloria Isabel Nieto

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