A Model Meets an Actor

I had the pleasure of attending Kelly Dutra-Leal's photoshoot yesterday. I was excited to meet the actor and model, Keith Fluker (Shutter Island/The Town/NY Fashion Week), and be part of their day. Not only did I have the chance to see how they both worked, but I got to do some styling as well, which is one of my favorite things to do at a photoshoot. Even though Keith did a great job himself by choosing most of the outfits, Kelly and I matched the accessories including, shoes, scarfs, glasses and hats.

BTS: 11.13.15 #1   BTS: 11.13.15 #2

BTS: 11.13.15 #4  BTS: 11.13.15 #6

  BTS: 11.13.15 #7  BTS: 11.13.15 #8

Photography by GIN

I also got to be a model for a little while and be part of some of the shots!

11.13.15 #1  11.13.15 #2   11.13.15 #5

Photography by Kelly Dutra-Leal

Photoshoots are a lot of work but when you enjoy what you do, you look forward to the next one.

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