Siblings are forever

Not being with my family and living miles away from my sisters is probably the hardest thing I've had to overcome since moving to Rhode Island. If your relationship with your siblings is anything like mine, you would do any and everything for them. Listening, helping, enduring, supporting, celebrating and loving are some of the most important things my two sisters and I share. There is not a day that goes by where Marisa and Nana don't cross my mind,

I speak for Danny's brother Fred when I say his family treasures their memories together every single day. His brother is a third generation jewelry designer, artist and craftsman. He left his career in Wall Street to reconnect with his family's roots in Rhode Island. Danny lost a difficult battle with Leukemia when he was 33 years old. His dream was to create a unique jewelry line, American-made, that inspired others through the journey of life. Luca + Danni jewelry line was created, named after Fred's children.


The passion and love between siblings will always prevail, no matter the distance. When I wear this line I think of the bond created between siblings.



Luca + Danni will always be part of my jewelry box, and my journey in life.

Until my next topic...



© 2015 Gloria Isabel Nieto

Luca + Danni can be purchased at Flaunt Boutique

Photography by: Kasey Steward