I'm a model and Instagram is my agent

Have you ever looked closely at the cover of a magazine? Is it minutes or seconds you spend looking at each page? There are countless hours spent behind every advertisement that goes into print. In the fashion industry a trendsetter has decided what will be in style and a designer has created the piece and has shown it down the runway. A buyer has decided that it will be a top seller for the upcoming season and a fashion director chose it as a part of the editorial campaign for the upcoming edition of a magazine. A model was chosen to fit not only clothing that belong in the shoot but he or she has to fit the concept and mood of the advertisement being created.

There is a team of a few experts or sometimes composed of many including photographers, camera crew, make-up artists, hair stylists, jewelry designers, fashion designers, fashion experts, bloggers and even more than one model might be needed.  This process starts weeks, sometimes months, in advance of the actual day of the photoshoot.

This is just a rough idea of what happens before a photoshoot takes place.

 Having been part of many photoshoots around the world (not as model), I know that hours of hard work are put in before the big day. I had an amazing experience of being directed for the very first time by Alexa Cach.

Alexa and I met back in 2013 when I attended my first runway show in Providence. Before we actually met, I had a few strangers who came up to me thinking I was Alexa. I was dying to meet her. All I could think about back then was, "who is this person that looks like me?"...that I have yet to meet. It was then that we were introduced for the first time.

I was honored to be directed in a studio for my first time as a model by Alexa. I was thriilled to know I would be following directions from her, while being photographed by Corey Gomes.


First look, wearing Jess Abernethy top made and worn for the very first time at opening night of StyleWeek Season 11 & House of Cach Bridal pieces.


Second look, wearing Jonathan Joseph Peters exclusive custom design with House of Cach headpiece.

Stay tuned to see the rest.

Until my next topic...



© 2015 Gloria Isabel Nieto

Photography by: Corey Gomes