Front Row Etiquette

People watching can be really interesting, it is something that we all do constantly without even noticing. Walking around a city, waiting for the train at the station, sitting at an airport, grabbing a coffee at the local cafe, picking up groceries at the store or sitting front row at a fashion show. We are always watching people.

front row styleweek

I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks since I attended StyleWeek Season 11. It was a success at its new venue The Ballroom At The Providence G. I had the pleasure to cover the week on the blog and sit front row for the entire Season.

 Here are some tips on what TO do and what NOT TO do while sitting front row at a fashion show:

1. Watch your facial expressions, they will be on pictures and videos from the event.

2. Never cross your legs, photographers need to see the entire runway not your toes.

3. Be careful where you put your drink, you don't want to knock it over.

4. Watch what you say, others can read lips.

5. Keep your arms to yourself, the person next to you needs personal space.

6. Never walk across the runway once the show has began, it's just something you don't do!

7. Do not stand up during the show, until the end where you can be a part of the standing ovation.

8. Respect others that are sitting next to you, you never know who might it be.

9. Be mindful and don't over drink, it's not a college party.

10. Dress to impress, it's called a FASHION show for a reason.

These are 10 things I find essential to keep in mind when attending a fashion show, especially if you are sitting front row. It's the 21st century, everyone is on camera/video. Follow these tips to stay on the safe side and enjoy the show.


(picture by Kasey A. Steward wearing Jonathan Joseph Peters and House of Cach Headpiece)

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