I had the pleasure of attending my first Seed Event last Sunday.

What is Seed?

Seed is a non-profit organization established with a goal of fostering innovation and education in apparel and accessory design through mentorship and promotion. It is a growing organization that gives the opportunity for student designers and mentors to connect. The students are all from regional colleges and universities and the mentors will teach them real world skills. The program consists of a total of 12 months. In the first 10 months, the students will be mentors and the remaining 2 months they will have the chance to create a 3 piece capsule collection with one of the garments being created out of sustainable materials. When the year is up in October of 2016, the students will participate in a competition fashion show where they will enter a chance to win a scholarship that will be awarded post graduation.

Student designers, mentors and others from the industry chatted last Sunday afternoon while having horderves and sipping on a glass of wine. I learned that the program includes six mentors that will be teaching in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Design, Marketing & PR, Fashion Show Production, Retail/Buying and Sample & Pattern Construction. I also got to finally meet Natalie from Shoppe Pioneer.

Seed Event

Looking to be part of the Seed family?

Mentorship: If you are interested in being a mentor, Seed is always offering positions in business, marketing entrepreneurship and more. Reach out to Jen Cosgrove at

Donor: The program would not be possible if it wasn’t for donors. Contact

Volunteer: Both StyleWeek and Seed are always looking for strong individuals to volunteer.

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