Happily Ever After 2: House of Cach Bridal Collection

Think back to the Happily Ever After blog post introducing House of Cach bridal collection. Well, I only showed you a sneak peek of the beautiful line. This time around I want to show you what HoC has been up to.The collection includes pieces that convey elegance and the spirit of love & old world romance. The pieces are unique, the company actually works with preserved flowers in their pieces!

Product photography by Corey Gomes

Bridal neck 1 bridal head 1

bridal head 2 bridal earrings 1

(Contact House of Cach to pre-order your exclusive piece)

HoC is known for embellishing their pieces with crystals of all kinds and rare vintage elements collected around the world. The pieces are customizable and intricate, they include preserved flowers that will outlast the ordinary wedding bouquet! Pieces can include hair and/ or shoe accessories, dress embellishments, any jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids- including a preserved flower bouquet!

Gin & Topics will be doing a behind the scenes collaborating with House of Cach soon. I am excited to be working with Alexa, Jack and Corey from HoC to show you how to wear the bridal collection.

Visit House of Cach at their Showroom for consultations or contact via phone or email

Showroom Hours:


11:am-6:00pm (or by appointment)

phone: 401-263-1522

326 Carpenter Street

Providence, RI 02909



Instagram: @houseofcach

Facebook: House of Cach


Make sure to join us at the “Synthesis” event in October for the launch of the entire House of Cach Bridal Collection (and more)!

Stay tuned, you will get to see the bridal collection pieces paired up with some of my favorite designs

by Jonathan Joseph Peters and Jess Abernethy!

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