Round 2: Style Is A Way To Say Who You Are

It was months ago when I picked out my outfit that finally made its debut yesterday at StyleWeek. I believe that you MUST put your personality into any outfit you wear in order to have real style. It is easy to go to a store and purchase pieces but, definitely add a little bit of you to it.  Even though it is a set that I did not put together, I still managed to add some accessories and lipsctick to make it unique!

group pic

I had the pleasure to visit the House of Cach studio last Monday, where Alexa Cach and Corey Gomes decided what pieces would look best with some of my outfits, including yesterdays.


(Necklace by HoC)

HoC cuff

(Cuff by HoC)

The night started off with some dark pieces on the runway, Mode Merr by Angela Zampell presented by Suit Tart. One of my favorite designs was a mermaid style dress shown below.

mermaid style Mode Merr by Angela Zampell presented by Suite Tart

(Click on picture for details)

Clothes Horse Clothing presented by Eden XO had a pink set that I absolutely fell in love with at the second show. I have to admit that I felt a part of the runway show for a second.

pink set

I was super excited for the last show of yesterday. Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis was an amazing first collection. These pieces are very wearable and classic. There are some that might have to join my closet very soon, especially the matching sets! Susan definitely had the best show considering she ended the night with a standing ovation!

susan 1susan 2

Loved seeing Susan's daughter Lena on her first fashion show!

lena and i 1lena and i 2

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post for a recap of tonight!

Until my next topic...



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