Round 3: I Don't do fashion, I am fashion

Not gonna lie, yesterday was the middle of the week and I was feeling a little bit tired. That did not stop me from getting myself well put together and ready for the show.

wednesday selfie

(Wearing Jonathan Joseph Peters and Accessories from House of Cach)

I was excited to meet Nicole Capurso, the winner of my second giveaway and her plus one, Brittany Bonini.

nicole and i night 3

(Nicole, winner of Gin & Topics second giveaway and I)

group pic night 3

(Becca Sperling, Gloria Nieto, Brittany Bonini and Nicole Capurso at the Ballroom of the Providence G for Night 3 of Season 11)

The first show of Wednesday night of Season 11 was INSTILLA by Valentina Oppezzo. The skirts flowed perfectly and they were my favorite pieces. I also loved how she paired up creative bags to the outfits in her collection.

Show 1 wed pic

I had the pleasure of meeting fashion designer Jeffrey Dickerson, the Tuesday night of this season. I was looking forward to see his collection as the second one of last night. The gowns were to die for. The looks were conservative but sexy at the same time, he really created a nice balance.

show 2

show 2

 Earl Battle closed the evening last night. His collection included night gowns as well. The touches of bright colors (red and pink) were definitely great to balance the other darker pieces.

Show 2 wed

show 3

Round 4 tonight!

Until my next topic...


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