Opening Night at StyleWeek Season 11

 For the past seven seasons StyleWeek has taken place at the Biltmore in Providence, Rhode Island. Yesterday marked the first day of the anticipated Season 11 that was held at the new venue, The Providence G. Considering that it was my sixth season attending, I was excited to see many familiar faces on opening night. It was SOLD OUT and we were all ready to experience the fashion shows at the new venue.

Andrew, Becca, Nick and I headed to the Accessory Showcase presented by Lolita & Cocktail Hour. Of course, I quickly made my way to my visit our favorite vendor Flaunt Boutique, and saw Amanda Doumato, Nick Pini, and Amanda Vessa.

Opening night

Photography by Kelly Dutra-Leal

The night started with Antwan Byrd for DeBricchio. Many of his pieces were black and white, which are my favorite colors! I loved how he introduced some accents of pink as well.

first show of the night

The night followed with Chaz Aracil. This show was definitely one that I will never forget. The pieces were made with fabric that was very different to what a common Style Week show would present. It included breathtaking texture and out of this world designs with an edgy feel to them.

Second show first night

The third and final show of the night was Samuel Vartan. I loved seeing my favorite Spring/Summer colors. Some gorgeous white pieces were must haves for the new season. Such a feminine vibe with looks I could totally picture myself wearing.

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Outfit by Jessica Abernethy and Jewelry by House of Cach

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