Introducing Royalty: Gustavo León

Remember in my first post how I mentioned you would be meeting my crew? Every once in while I will be introducing you to many individuals that are outstanding decision makers. Whether we work together or attend social events, I consider myself lucky to call many of them my friends.

Meet my first guest the Managing Editor for the Boston Herald.

Gustavo León

gustavo edited

Q1: Originally from: Gustavo León was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. During his childhood (he was around 10 years old) he started visiting the United States. When he turned 19 he left his homeland to live in America on his own.

Q2: His Muses: He is inspired by a combination of people (friends, family and colleagues) and cultures. Gustavo explained that "if you pay close attention you can find inspiration in everything that surrounds you."  He uses both creativity and passion when wanting to achieve any goal.

Q3: Steps along the way: Gustavo has journeyed in different industries. He began his studies at Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela in Computer Engineering. He then moved to the US to continue his studies for the same degree at GW in Washington DC. Gustavo then took some courses in Fashion Design at F.I.T in New York City. After finishing those, he didn't think that he would pursue a career in fashion design. He then graduated from the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University in Graphic Design. Gustavo has worked for different companies in different states, including working as a personal shopper for major department stores in NYC (Bonwit Teller, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and Lord&Taylor). He later moved to Boston where he worked at Neiman Marcus and did some freelance graphic design.

Q4: A day in the life: Gustavo has been working for the Boston Herald since 1995. At first he was a Features Page Designer, then Creative Director and now the Managing Editor. His daily routine consists of watching the news many times during the day, answering emails, meetings and directing how information is visually presented to the readers of the Boston Herald. After his day at work, Gustavo frequents events in the city of Boston, meets up with friends for a drink or enjoys a glass of wine at home.

Q5: Advise from the royal: "Pay attention to detail and don't compromise your journalistic integrity. Be objective and accurate at all times. LISTEN and take notes"

Gustavo and I White Party

(Gustavo and I at the Annual White Party in Boston dressed by fashion designer Jonathan Joseph Peters)

Definitely a royal

I met Gustavo León two years ago at one of the many fashion shows we have both attended hosted by Styleweek Northeast. In the past couple of months I have had the pleasure to attend events with him in Boston as well. I can relate to Gustavo because we are both native spanish speakers and hard workers. We also have in common that one of our favorite quotes is "Everything Happens For A Reason." We both truly believe in it. Gustavo and I both share a passion for fashion as well.

 Gustavo and I Boho edited

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