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Presenting House of Cach: Bridal

If your childhood was anything like mine, you watched fairy tales over and over again- probably until you had memorized the dialogue, and could recite it faster than the characters in the film.  Years have gone by and I couldn't tell you when was the last time I have seen Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast, but I sure can remember that Aurora, Belle and Cinderella got to marry their prince.

Fairy tales mean happily ever after in my book. I envision the main characters getting married to their perfect match. Getting married... being a bride. What does that even mean? Marriage is the union between two loved ones. Marriage permits two individuals to share the rest of their lives together. Wedding plans begin the second after you get engage. For some, planning a wedding may be simple and for others, it can involve a lot.

In order to assist in making YOUR fairy tale come true, House of Cach (HoC) presents their first bridal collection. The collection includes pieces that convey elegance and the spirit of love & old world romance. The company actually works with preserved real flowers in their pieces!

Product photography by Corey Gomes

house of cach bridal piece

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HoC embellishes and adorns their pieces with crystals of all kinds and rare vintage elements collected around the world. These bridal pieces are like no other. They involve elements of nature with a touch of human hands- a true marriage of beauty and creation. These customizable and intricate pieces with preserved flowers will definitely outlast your ordinary wedding bouquet!   The company will work with the bride to make custom pieces, complimenting and assisting in the creativity and vision of the bride. Pieces can include hair and/or shoe accessories, dress embellishments,  any jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids- even  including a custom preserved flower bouquet!

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Join us at the "Synthesis" event in October for the launch of the entire House of Cach Bridal Collection (and more)!

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