BTS: Pure PINI --> Under The Bridges Of Providence

BTS -Behind the Scenes

One of the most interesting aspects of fashion is the meaning behind it. Fashion designers get their inspiration from pieces of art, movies, music, and architecture, just to name a few.

Pini and I

(Pini & I- Dressed in PINI before runway show 2014)

Nicholas Pini created the PINI label back in 2013. His inspiration at heart is to create and celebrate the new California girl. Lucky for me, I have not only seen his pieces in person but also worn them around the world: Providence, Puerto Rico & Milan, Italy. Almost all the pieces that I have worn now have their own space in my closet. Nick and I became friends instantly in 2012 when we met for the first time, only a few months before his first collection made its debut in Styleweek Northeast. Which by the way, is coming up in Providence on September 14 through the 18, and the tickets will be for sale tonight. Can't wait!

Pini dress at milan

(Wearing PINI for the Missoni Fashion Show 2014 in Milan)

Pini's latest collection, Pure PINI, is based on neutral colors and consists of 10 full looks. If I were you, and trust me I would, visit his website around October if you're interested in purchasing some of his exclusives.

This photo shoot took place at some beautiful locations around Providence. Nick explains that "...this collection was inspired by driving down the freeway, skateboarding stars of the 70s, California & the textures found in a city by the sea."

Pini BTS 1 edited

Pini BTS 2 edited

Pini BTS 3 edited

If you are a PINI lover like I am, I would definitely keep my eye out for this seasons collection... I got a little inside scoop and trust me, the pieces will be totally affordable.

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Credits by Nick Pini @nickpini:

Coming across the right girl doesn't happen every day, and finding someone who literally looks like my fashion sketches made the decision very easy this time around. Sarah is represented by Dynasty modelsFord LA & Ford NY - I came across her on Instagram. @sarahcwilson
Kai Kumalae is an incredibly talented makeup artist that was recommended by my good friend & also very talented makeup artist Holly Daton. @kaikumalae 
The hair was executed by Tom St.germain, who is my go-to hair stylist for anything I do, it always comes out exactly as I had pictured it. He has done almost all of my look books this far! @Tom_saint 
Jess was the glue that held the day together, she assisted the group of us & Allison scouted the locations. @jesslamb @wildworldofak