Lips by Louboutin

Famous for his red sole's, Christian Louboutin announced his new lipstick collection that will be available at Saks in September.

Women have been wearing lipstick for decades, but in today's world, women have the option to decide if they want to go basic or bold. It is up to you whether you want to spend pocket change or $100 on beauty products. With just a touch of color, you can change your entire look. I choose my lipstick according to my mood and of course taking into consideration the trends for the season. You always want to give fashion a little touch of your own, even if it means going with darker lips during the summer time, just because your having a rough day. I advice you to wear color on your lips every day. It will make you look not only well put together, but it will brighten up your morning!


Anything you buy, with the label comes the price. The Christian Louboutin 36 lipstick collection will retail for $90 each. Definitely not affordable, but lets be real, the Louboutin customer is looking for luxurious and exclusive. And of course the lipstick case is different, nothing you would usually see for a lipstick packaging, adding uniqueness to it.


It should definitely be at the bottom of my To Buy list, but it might just be a perfect match with my red bottom fur boots.

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