Wine & Dine at Da Silvano

Selecting which restaurant to eat at in NYC can be challenging. There are hundreds of places to choose from. (Main reason why you should try a different one each time, you never know when you might find your next favorite spot) I usually choose where to go after listening to recommendations from connoisseurs in the food industry. I was lucky enough to have my personal tour guide along with me this weekend. My friend Alex has been living in NYC for the past 10 years. Trust me when I say, she knows the best spots in the city. This trip I had the pleasure of dining at Da Silvano for the first time.

da silvano restaurant

(260 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10014)

Da Silvano is known for its excuisite Tuscan cuisine. If you decide to stop in for one of their amazing meals, you might want to keep a look out for celebrities. From what I've heard they stop in weekly!


(Kimimoto Oysters)

Salad da silvano

(Panzanella Salad)

pasta da silvano

(Pasta Balsamico)

steak at da silvano

(Skirt Steak)

Everything we ordered was superb. After finishing dinner we couldn't just go home, (we were in the city for crying out loud) so we finalized our night at some popular spots: ApothekeNelson Blue &The Paris Cafe.

I loved being able to catch up with friends, enjoy amazing food, all while getting work done for the store. Of course I am already planning my next visit to the city!

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