From NYC to Milan

Sometimes I take a deep breath, close my eyes and think back in time. Many times I dream of places I have only seen in pictures before, but others I travel back to places where I left footprints. I have yet to mention in my blog one of the most exciting times of my life, living in Milan last summer! I was studying abroad, interning at Pink and Chic and working with the italian designer Mauro Gasperi (who I currently represent in the US).

IMG_7281 edited(Me at Pink and Chic before presenting to Mauro)

Mauro and me edited

(Mauro and I after I was announced as his representative)

Attending market this past weekend in NYC reminded me of my visit to Pitti Uomo. It was a hot summer day back in June of 2014 were I experienced the most important international event for menswear and men accessories collections in Italy. It is just like in NYC where vendors and buyers meet to check out the latest products, but I can promise you, Italians take it to another level. Dressed to impress, Pitti Uomo was like a runway show. It was similar to looking through a VOGUE magazine.

pitti outifit edited      my pitti

(Right: Me at Pitti Uomo)


I have attended the trade shows in NYC for the past 3 years. I am exited to announce that we bought some new lines and fabulous pieces that will be at Flaunt Boutique this upcoming fall and winter. Just in time for holiday shopping! I'll keep you updated on when these pieces are in store so you can come on in and scoop them up before I spend half my paycheck on them!

nyc south edited

accersorie circuit pic edited     Bj rose pic edited

luca and danni booth 3 edited

luca and danni booth 2 edited    luca and danni booth edited

(Me at Luca + Danni booth checking out some new pieces)

Oh! Before I forget it was my first time buying clothing! Finding my favorite brand at the tradehosws and being able to choose some pieces was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend.

mustard seed closeup edited

If you're into great restaurants like I me, stay tuned to get an inside scoop on one of my new favorite places to eat in NYC. If you saw my Instagram post, this picture may look familiar.


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