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When it comes to your hair are you a straight or curly kind of gal? Stressful mornings of trying to tame our manes are over thanks to blow bars that are now the new trend. Luckily for me, all I have to do is walk downstairs to find Alex Anthony Curl and Blowbar. Do I ever leave the building? Yes, I promise you I do. One of the perks of living inside the nation's first indoor mall is the variety of businesses established on the first floor. Next time you're looking to give your locks a boost, you should definitely stop in and explore the other shops as well.

alex anthony curl and blowbar

Alex Anthony Curl and Blowbar opened in September of 2014. On their menu, they have 6 different hairdos. Choose any of the styles and pay just $35, or save yourself $10 and book your appointment on a Wednesday where you pay only $25! I can never decide whether I want the Brooklyn or Downtown (first world problems). Aside from their deal on Wednesday's, they have other amazing packages to choose. If you're as obsessed with clean, voluminous hair as me you'll stop in twice a week.

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Once you go Alex Anthony, you will never go back!  You can keep all their products in arms reach on your own bathroom counter.

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