BTS: Modern Madonnas @ the Marble House

Jonathan Joseph Peters is a close friend & fashion designer based out of Rhode Island. JJP's incredible talent allowed him the amazing opportunity of participating in Project Runway's Season 7. Today he is the Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director for Styleweek Northeast, as well as a part of Nude, a cooperative boutique of emerging design inside the Arcade! I know what you're thinking, so much going on in such a small historical building!


JJP himself invited me to his photo-shoot for his collection Modern Madonnas. I present to you my FIRST BTS! (Behind the Scenes).

Up bright and early with groggy eyes and coffee's in hand, Jonathan Joseph Peters (fashion designer), Daniel Gagnon (photographer), Holly Dalton (makeup artist), Betha Wood (hairstylist), Alexa Cach (founder of House of Cach), her team Corey Gomes and Jack Myers, Emily Levy (TBW Model) and myself were en route to Tiverton, RI.

I didn't really know what to expect at all from this jam packed day. It was my first time behind the scenes with JJP and I had not seen pictures or heard much about our destination. I sat co-pilot in Daniel's car with an open mind, knowing that wherever JJP chose for his location would be sick.

Holy MARBLE! I didn't think it was possible for a house to have this much marble! From the kitchen, to the walls, in all bathrooms and in every color!


pink bathroomgreen bathroom

Now you can lift your chin up. Are you done gawking at the photos of this spectacular mansion like I was? I have to admit JJP chose the perfect team. It was interesting to see how Daniel, Alexa and Jonathan worked side by side to create a stunning vision of white! And just in case you were wondering, it is the same model in all the 5 looks. I know, incredible job done by Holly and Betha who transformed this gorgeous model.

modernmadonna collage look 5

If you can't get enough of Jonathan's Mother Madonnas Pieces, join him at Boston Fashion Week, this upcoming Fall. Oh and before I forget, if you know any millionaires on the market, the Marble Mansion is for sale! It can be all yours for just $7 million...Ha!

Until my next topic...



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