Relaxing to the Scent of Coffee & Roses

Relaxing to the Scent of Coffee & Roses

If your schedule looks anything like mine it's hard to find time for yourself. Nevertheless it's very important to do so. Reflecting on your day often gives you the chance to acknowledge everything you accomplished. Give yourself some credit! Even on days that you might have not done much, there's always something to be proud of! So, in order to deal with my hectic schedule, I've been trying out some new relaxation techniques! What sounds more relaxing than bathing in roses? Well...a friend of mine recommended this so I decided to give it a try! 


I ran the hot water, lit some candles, filled up the tub with rose scented bath salts and topped it off with actual rose petals! 

Roses work wonders! They have a distinct aroma and have been used in relaxation treatments for decades.  Not to mention they have countless beauty benefits. They contain antioxidants (high on vitamin C) & can be used for toning as they are a natural source of astringent. Roses are anti-bacterial thus preventing acne and/or functioning as a treatment option against it. In case you did not know, they are also anti-inflammatory, which means they can reduce swollen spots. I advise you to sprinkle them in your tub, dim the lights and enjoy a warm bath. 

What better way to compliment a relaxing rose bath than finding the perfect face scrub to go with it! I discovered JAVA beauty products, an amazing line of face products that incorporates coffee into their recipe! The smell of roses combined with the aroma of coffee created the ultimate relaxation package! My skin has never felt smoother. The Body Scrub is my number one favorite, even though I can't deny my addiction to their body and eye serum. 

Stay tuned for more relaxation techniques to come in 2017! 





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