Introducing Royalty: Kirsten Lindh

Introducing Royalty: Kirsten Lindh

Meet the owner of Eye Candy Artistry Kirsten!


R1: Originally from: "I grew up in New York City until I was 10 years old and then I moved to Rhode Island where I'm still living today."

R2: My Muses: "One of the people that inspires me the most would be my mother, she tells me that she believes that a little bit of struggle is always necessary because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Everyday my goal is to surpass my clients expectations and make them happy every single time they visit me."

R3: Steps along the way: "I actually went to school for accounting believe it or not. I now have a classic certicicaction, volume, trainer master lash artist brand ambassador and esthetician. I use to work in HR at Alex and Ani. Then I started doing lashes, as I started getting busier and busier I realized that I had a passion for it and that I wanted to work for myself. I knew I wanted to own my own business. I knew how hard I was working, the hours I was actually putting into it. In the end I wanted to control my hours and the money I was making. It has been amazing to be able to collaborate with Ashlee Feldman JAM'N 94.5, StyleWeek Northeast and Patriot Cheerleaders.."

R4: A day in the life: "You really want me to be honest? LASHES from 7AM-9PM. My day to day usually looks the same it changes occasionally when I get a day off. My favorite thing about my schedule is that I get to be constantly busy all day."

R5: Advice from the royal: "My advice to you is that even if you have a certification continue educating yourself because things are always changing and always keep networking with others around you, even keep contacts with people that are not in your field. I live by the quote 'always believe that something amazing is about to happen!'"

R6: A Fan of Gin & Topics because.. "I love everything that the brand is and everything that Glori contains. She keeps up with all the trends in many industries. The way she portrays herself is amazing; I just love the passion and the way she carries herself. Her positivity definitely shows and is viewed by everyone that surrounds her!"

Definitely a Royal

Even though it has not even been a year since I met Kirsten the connection that we have is unexplainable. She has quickly became someone too look up to. Her hard work and dedication is easily admired. She works LONG hours! I love how she advises me to take time for herself when I think she should take a some for herself as well! Kirsten has taught me so many things about myself that no one else has and for that I will forever be grateful. She inspires me to make my own decisions and to just follow my heart! Thanks for making my lashes look as big and voluminous as my dreams!

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