Gloria Nietobeauty

You Can Find Me At ReJoyce Salon & Spa

Gloria Nietobeauty
You Can Find Me At ReJoyce Salon & Spa

I’d have to say that pampering and taking care of myself is like part of my religion. In GIN’s book, spending the day at the salon does not only enhance you physically, but mentally too! Who doesn’t love the feeling after getting a haircut and blowout? You wish you could make your hair look this good everyday. Your immediate reaction is to take photos…selfie time! Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love getting pampered… but there is so much that goes into it!

I know we can all agree, you HAVE to trust your hairdresser. How many times have you walked out of a salon hating how you’ve looked, but not having the courage to tell your hairdresser. This is not just a place where you go get a service and leave. Your hairdresser should be like your therapist, you should have a strong bond!


Conversing, laughing and planning is all part of the routine when I visit my favorite hairdresser, Joyce. The atmosphere at ReJoyse Salon & Spa if one of a kind! If you are a Rhode Island local, you NEED to book your appointment!



Did I just call myself a Rhode Island local…? LOL

From spray tans to lashes, mani’s and pedi’s, to haircuts and blowouts, you can find it
all at Rejoyce Salon & Spa.

It’s been over a decade since I’ve dyed my hair… take a guess why? It was a complete disaster… I cried for days and said that I would never do it EVER again…. But the trust I have for Joyce’s work might just change my mind after all!

Take a look at the menu and see what service is the best fit for you!


For now I will continue to work on having fabulous hair and a fabulous tan! Also make sure to check out our Instagram to enter a chance to win a complimentary blowout & spray tan!

Until my next topic…



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