Gloria Nietobeauty

And A Side of Eye Candy Please....

Gloria Nietobeauty
And A Side of Eye Candy Please....

Trends come and go but, some better be here to say. My life has completely changed forever. I never really had the chance to experiment much with makeup. To be honest I didn’t have to.. my skin was always perfectly glowing thanks to growing up in the Caribbean sun.

If you happen to take a peek inside my handbag, there use to be one thing you could always find… MASCARA but Eye Candy Artistry has changed this forever. I have been going back and forth about it for a few months now about wanting to get eyelash extensions… and I finally gave in. I am telling you it was a tough decision for me… I had created a million scenarios in my head where I would loose my real eyelashes and have none and it would be a disaster. After much thinking and hearing many testimonials of happy clients, I decided to pay Kirsten a visit.





I don’t drive much which means I love when I don’t have to travel from one place to another. ReJoyce Salon & Spa makes it happen. It only takes a flight of stairs from the hair salon to be at my lashes appointment. Probably a great concept considering I run late almost all of the time. Definitely blame it on living on island time for 18 years of my life!

After meeting Kirsten I could instantly tell I was in for a great experience. I slowly opened my eyes after an hour and…


I think the picture speaks for itself. I am completely OBSESSED!

There are different eyelash options to choose from. If you don’t want to go over the top, you can always do a half set. Definitely I recommend every and any lady to try this! Bye bye mascara!

Oh! One last thing mention Gin & Topics to receive a 15%.

Until my next topic…



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