Gloria Nietotaste, food

Don't Just Fall for One!

Gloria Nietotaste, food
Don't Just Fall for One!

Every single one is DIFFERENT. Do you remember the first time you ever saw one? How can they be all so similar yet so different. They serve different purposes depending on the occasion. You can match them to different outfits, choosing specific colored ones. I could have a million…but that still wouldn’t stop me from having more.


When you’re younger you might base your preference on appearance, not really thinking about where they even come from. Stop for a second, right before you make your purchase. Ask yourself who made them, when do you think they were last placed in the display for customers to shop.

I ask myself… do I really need another one? When was the last time I bought one? I have purchased many but yet I am satisfied every single time. And if it comes in a box all wrapped up with a bow, I get even more excited just because I don’t really know what to expect.

Chocolate brown, snow white fluff on top or covered in sprinkles?

After waiting a “few” minutes outside in line, next to many others who were dying for the doors to open…




Donut just fall for one!


It was a pleasure being part of PVD Donut Grand Opening! Safe to say I was one of the first 30 customers!

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