Never Too Many

Never Too Many

Collecting things can sometimes mean hoarding in my book. Many times, people want to keep things that just might not be worth keeping. It is different from person to person. There are a few things I love to collect and one of them is Kent Stetson handbags.



When I moved to RI, the first event I attended I met Kent himself. The drive and passion he had for his business was inspiring and motivating. After frequenting StyleWeek Northeast events, you couldn’t miss his handbags in the clutches of every woman attending. They are everywhere! Every other front row spectator at the show was walking around flaunting one of his creations. I knew I wanted to get my hands on one that was a representation of me… His famous blue martini clutch was the first to make it to my closet. It makes it’s appearance out once a week, to say the least.


 One can never have too many handbags. If you think about it, they all serve a different purpose. Out for lunch, sipping a drink, out on a date, sitting at the movies, traveling around the world, attending a fashion show, going to the beach and of course one day hopefully on a safari. I can picture myself using all of my 8 Kent Stetson handbags.

I confess my addiction for them and I am not embarrassed. I will continue to hoard them forever. They even have a shelf of their own in my closet! This is a big deal, as you all know I find myself limited of space in my micro loft.

Never too many is right! Which one will be my next? Maybe a tropical one that will complete the look for my next destination…


Until my next topic…



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