3 Things You MUST Do In Connecticut

3 Things You MUST Do In Connecticut

When visiting different cities, it is sometimes challenging  to find exciting things to do! Fully consumed by wanderlust, I am an expert in packing quickly whenever I have a few days open on my schedule. I have been to CT a few times this year, and even though it’s not one of the most popular states, these are three things you MUST do when visiting Connecticut:

Shake Shack!

If you are a New Englander you might have had the chance to try it, but if you are not from the area or just haven’t gotten there, you need to…like now! There are over 60 locations, but the closest one to where I was staying was in Westport. The perfect combo in this town, shopping and yummy food. So, if you are in the mood for a delicious and healthy burger, this is definitely the go to spot! A little plus side to my visit was sitting outside enjoying the perfect spring weather while experiencing my very first Shake Shack burger!


Muse Paint Bar

Wine and paint are a match made in heaven! Definitely one of best days I’ve had recently, enjoying white sangria while creating a work of art. I mean, I’m not too talented when it comes to using brushes and mixing paint colors but, once I was all set up in my smock with paintbrush in hand I had nothing to worry about. The instructors help you recreate a picture step by step, allowing you to interpret however you’d like! Muse Paint Bar should be your new down time destination, no matter how old you are, you will have a great time! Muse Paint Bar would also be a prefect date night, definitely takes away some of the awkward traditional tension of a first date. The good thing about Muse is they even have a location right in downtown Providence!

This is how my first painting at Muse came out!



Mine artwork on the left and how it was suppose to look on the right, totally different!

It is always nice having a go to place when you are away from home. In CT, my go to dinner spot is Tazza Osteria (http://tazzaosteriabar.com/). No matter the kind of day I’m having, I always find something perfect to taste. We usually go all out while visiting but, this time we decided on some cocktails and appetizers before heading to the bar!





Let me know all about your next visit to CT & I hope you have as much fun as I did!

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