5 Tips To Kick-Start Your Acting Career

5 Tips To Kick-Start Your Acting Career

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an actor?

My sister Marisa has some tips for you!


My name is Marisa Nieto and I’m a working actress, currently living in New Orleans. As an actress, my career entails a lot of uncertainty. While there are busy periods of time, there is also a lot of waiting around. In the mean time, it is extremely important to stay up to date with your craft in order to be ready for that special opportunity. Here are five tips to kick-start your acting career. The deeper I dive into the Southeast market, the more I refer back to these tips. It is important to remember that pursuing an acting career is a marathon, not a sprint.

Educate Yourself: The main thing an actor can do for himself/herself is to know about the craft. Reading books on different acting techniques, watching plays, TV series and movies are all things actors can constantly do to further improve their acting skills.


Take Classes: There is nothing better than taking classes to improve your acting. Interacting with professors and other actors in class gives you a new perspective on the text. Having someone to keep track of your progress is also of great help.


Get Headshots: You would be surprised how important it is to a have good headshot. When starting out, your headshot represents who you are. It is important to have a headshot that looks like you and gives insight into your personality.


Network: Networking is one of the most beneficial things an actor can do; meet as many actors, writers and directors as you can. These people will eventually be making films or shows that you might be interested in being a part of.

Make Your Own Material: Finally, create your own material. The hardest part about being an actor, especially starting out, is accumulating material in order to prove to people you can act. Actors can’t work unless they are cast but they won’t get cast until they have worked. The solution to this problem is to create your own material, this way you’ll gain experience while also gaining footage to start a reel.


I hope these tips are of help! … Xo Marisa


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