Gin & Tropics

Gin & Tropics

I can’t believe it has been a year since Gin and Topics was born. Like anything that has an anniversary, I HAVE to celebrate. You know me, I like to celebrate more than once if it is important enough… Gin and Topics first celebration took place on an island next to Puerto Rico called, Vieques.

 Being from Puerto Rico and having the best connections helped make this celebration one for the books. Take a look  at the amazing vacation spot it took place.



Decorating can be fun and interesting but trust me when I say, it gets even better when you’re on an island with limited resources and don’t have many things to choose from. No worries, we got creative in no time! We laughed, we danced and we drank!

Happy one year anniversary to Gin & Topics!


There is no place other than the tropics I would have chosen to hold the first celebration! Of course, in my book, parties mean planning outfits.

I am excited for you to shop MY closet now on my page.



Can’t wait for my next tropical vacation!
Until my next topic…



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