It Was The Perfect Day For A Fashion Show

It Was The Perfect Day For A Fashion Show

When many adults think about attending work events, they sometimes feel that they can be boring. You talk to your co-workers, meet each other’s husbands and wives, and sit down for a nice meal.

In GIN’s world, events are a totally different thing! I know I have a few obsessions, as you might know, but attending fashion shows is one of them! Let’s be real… who doesn’t like to shop, sip, nosh and watch a fashion show?

I know I do!




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SWIM 2015 was on a beautiful patio and I enjoyed it very much… but I was so ready for this year’s venue. I had planned my outfit weeks in advanced…of course. Thanks to Jeffrey Dickerson for designing the dress I had envision to a T!




There is something about a the feeling of the breeze and a drink in hand that made the event feel so special. Of course, enjoying a Malibu & Piinnaple was the cherry on top, and made it feel like I was back in Puerto Rico soaking under the sun! No but really the day was beautiful and I actuallly think I got a little tan just by being at the Providence G Rooftop!



Once again the collections where amazing! Bright colors debuted down the runway!

Here are some of my favorite designs of this SWIM 2016 Season.


It is always a pleasure seeing the girls from ReJoyce Salon & Spa, the Kent Stetson Handbags team and of course being there as a part of Flaunt Boutique’s team.



Rosanna truly knows how to create a magical experience every single time, at eachStyleWeek Northeast Event!


Until my next topic…



© 2016 Gloria Isabel Nieto

Photography by Alyssa Cavallo.