The Perfect Spring Date

Planning a date is tough work in my book. Going to the movies, grabbing a drink or even going out to dinner are way too basic for me. Creativity is key. Both men and women should definitely think outside the box when it comes to inviting their significant other or a stranger out on a date (especially if it's a first!).

Who wants to go to a movie theater, awkwardly sit next to each other possibly holding hands until they get clammy? Are we in middle school?

I know for sure I don't.

If you put your mind to it, you can definitely find a few nice spots in Providence for the perfect date.

One of my favorite places to go is Roger Williams Park & Zoo. It offers something great, all year round.


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Skirt from EVOLUE Apparel

Each season at Roger Williams Park & Zoo offers a different experience. Fall is perfect because you get to admire all the amazing foliage. In the winter, the park is it's own wonderland! During the spring, the blooming flowers make perfect for impromptu photo shoots, who can pass down new Instagram photos? And, my favorite time of year to visit is the Summer. I can work out, read a book while enjoying the view, or pack a picnic for a friend and me.


Cheese and wine anyone?

Until my next topic...



© 2016 Gloria Isabel Nieto

Photography by Genuine by J Tyler