You're missing out!

You haven't tried an Acai bowl?


At Superfoods wearing Benrus sunglasses.

Then you are definitely missing out! Did you know the acai berries are high in antioxidants?


There are many studies taking place to try and determine if the acai berries actually promote weight loss. If they do then I'm all for it, what's better than something delicious that also helps you lose weight...?

I have definitely been craving one. As soon as the spoon touches the tip of my tongue I travel back to Puerto Rico. I don't really know if it has do do with he fact that the acai berry is grown on palm trees, but it definitely reminds me of the island lifestyle I grew living.



When I am visiting home my sisters, friends and I, make it a tradition to take a trip down the road from Ocean Park to have a bowl at Superfoods after a day under the sun.



The hardest part is choosing what toppings to add. There is nothing better than fresh fruit to go in your acai bowl.


Will be posting different recipes in no time...

Until my next topic...



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