Dinner date

Dinner dates are very necessary, they are the perfect excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a delicious meal. A dinner date does not necessarily have to be with your significant other. Becca and I got to enjoy yet another delicious meal at Circe Restaurant & Bar. I've said it before, if you have questions about the menu, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm pretty sure I might be able to help Simon in the kitchen very soon.

I had my regular dish, salmon and gave in to having the mushroom risotto. If you ask  my friends and family, they can tell you that risotto is not usually my favorite thing on the menu. But I do have to say the mushroom truffle risotto at Circe is to die for. Even Becca can't resist it and trust me when I say she is probably the pickiest eater I have ever met..

caprese circe salad

caprese . heirloom tomatoes . basil . buffalo mozzarella

Circe Salmon

*grilled scottish salmon . champagne mango salsa . basil pesto 24


bacon wrapped angus tenderloin

bacon wrapped angus tenderloin

Dinner Date

Between all of my jobs and having traveled to Puerto Rico and New York City in the past month, Becca and I had much catching up to do. Circe was not enough, we decided to change it up a little for the dessert.

From Circe which is across the street from our apartments, we decided to take a ride to Federal Hill.

Siena definitely has some of the best desserts in the state. I am not too much into sweets but, their desserts are all made form scratch in their restaurant, you should definitely stop by.

Budino di Mele

Budino di Mele: Apple bread pudding baked in a vanilla custard. Topped with salted caramel gelato & finished with caramel sauce.

Torta di Formaggio con Banana

Gorda di Fromaggio con Banana: Creamy banana cheesecake baked with a graham cracker crust. Topped with whipped cream, almond biscotti crumbs, and a chocolate hazelnut sauce.

Oh and if you didn't have time to enjoy restaurant week Circe has extended their special menu until the end of the month!

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