Packed and Ready To Go!

I will be traveling tonight just in time for the Holidays!

I tried packing light but not too sure I accomplished it... I spy my new BENRUS bag and sunglasses and  Quay Australia sunnies.

All packed.

Many of my essentials are different this time around. I told you before 5 tips on how to overpack. I will be staying at my parents house which changes E V E R Y T H I N G. I don't have to pack any toiletries. Being one of 4 girls in a house, there is no need to travel with hairdryer or hair equipment.

All packed

Marisa, Nana, Aíta, my mom and I have made it a tradition to go shopping all together once a year, which is probably the main reason why I should try to not overpack when traveling home. I have to be mindful of leaving enough space for all the souvenirs that I will be bringing back with me.

I definitely calculated for those considering I have all my Christmas gifts from Flaunt Boutique to distribute once I land at home!

Until my next topic...



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