Blind Date

I'm sure you know by now that I will be traveling to Puerto Rico tonight!

I am thrilled to spend the holidays with my friends and family.... and guess what? My friend Stephanie has a blind date set up for me. I am nervous but anxious at the same time. Stephanie and I have been friends for over 15 years now. Safe to say she knows me well, hopefully she did a good job!

I am looking forward to finally meeting him in person, considering it has been almost six months since I first heard about him. We both enjoy tanning near the pool, taking naps and going out to dinner. 

Blind Date

It is definitely a plus that he is into fashion. I heard he dresses to impress no matter the occasion. He likes to represent brands he truly is passionate about just like me. I wonder what he will be wearing the first time I meet him. Definitely planning on wearing one of my new Jonathan Joseph Peters outfits for my first blind date ever!

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