Happy Holidays

What do the Holidays represent to you?

If you live in New England you are definitely thinking of a nice fire and warm chocolate, the smell of snow is in the air and definitely attending a traditional ugly sweater party.

My first ugly sweater party

It took me 23 years to attend my first one. Of course, the ugly sweater was not enough ... and you know how much I love my headpieces. Well... if you walked through the Arcade, you might have noticed there was something missing on one of the Holiday wreaths.

Have you ever thought how different a Holiday season can be depending on where you come from?

If you grew up in Puerto Rico like me the Holidays are not cold. The festivities begin December 1st. And this means... parrandas, coquito, lechón, pasteles and many parties to attend. You will learn more in detail all about how I spend my Christmas in my upcoming posts.

Trust me when I say we celebrate for a month and a half in Puerto Rico. I am not worried at all about my arrival to the island on Christmas Eve, considering I will still make it on time for many festivities. For now, I get to enjoy my very first Christmas tree that I decorated and put together with the help of my cousin Rodrigo.

My first Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays from me to you!

Until my next topic...



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