Birthday Bash

I can't believe how fast time flies. Being in school for my last 20 birthday celebrations, this past Sunday was my first as a professional. It was more than a one day celebration. To be completely honest, I am still celebrating. Check out my post And The Birthday Weekend Begins to read on how it all started.

I started the day with my family. I know what you're thinking. Did your family come all the way from Puerto Rico? Were your sisters still in Providence?

Unfortunately, the answer to both of these questions is no. But with a phone call/ facetime I was able to spend the morning with them.

Lena and Susan joined me for breakfast at New Harvest and then I was ready to start my wine tasting extravaganza. I had booked our appointment at the Newport Vineyards at 1pm.

Newport Vineyards

Newport Vineyards 1

It was definitely different from my last wine tasting experience. Back when I visited Jones Winery you had the option to choose from Dry & Light Sweet menu or the Dry menu. This time around, you could choose five different wines out of the entire 2 page menu. My friends and I may have many things in common but it is not our palate. Newport Vineyards gave everyone the opportunity to try wines that were to their taste.

Becca and I at Newport Vineyards

After hearing much about Forty 1 North, I decided to try it. Definitely take a look at my last post to see some of the dishes my friends and I enjoyed.

Forty 1 North.jpg

Happy Birthday Apple Dessert

From one wine tasting to the next I arrived at Gasbarro's Wines on Federal Hill. I was thrilled to not only try the wines that Mark, owner, of had chosen for us, but also to learn all about them. Discussing wine always reminds me of Aito, my grandfather, who is very much educated about them. It interests me a lot to learn the individual process of how different wines are aged.

Happy Birthday from Rosie's.jpg

I also got to learn a lot about corks. Did you know that Portugal is one of main countries producing wine corks? Do you know the pros and cons of utilizing real corks versus synthetic ones? I will be posting all about it soon!

Gasbarros Wine

The night did not end there. Caroline, Rosie, Mark and I decided to head over to Avery for a night cap. After a long day of celebrating, Becca had a beautiful cake as a surprise!

So thankful for such an amazing day, spent with many amazing friends!

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