My Very First Bloody Mary

I was a little hesitant to try a new place for such a special occasion. Last Sunday, as part of my birthday festivities, of which you will be reading more about tomorrow, my besties and I had a wonderful meal at Forty 1 North. Let me just say once again we were spoiled. Even though brunch time was over, our waiter was nice enough to let us choose from whatever menu we wanted.


Cury Chicken Salad

Omelet & Greens

I guess trying a new restaurant wasn't enough this time around. Michele from F.I.G., whom you have already met a couple of months ago, made the honors of introducing me to my very first Bloody Mary. I was terrified... Do you remember when Elizabeth James (Natasha Richardson) in the Parent Trap wasn't very ladylike after drinking a Bloody Mary?

Yup, that's all I could think about just by looking at one.


I am a strong believer that you should always try new things. Can't believe that it took me 23 years to enjoy my very first Bloody Mary.

Until my next topic...



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