5 Tips On How To "Overpack"

My packing starts the second I plan to go away. Not necessarily physical packing but, I am definitely coming up with outfit ideas and lists in my mind. One of the hardest things for me is to pack light. I have never been able to just grab a few things put them in a duffle and get going for the weekend. No matter where I go, I take my time and enjoy packing and choosing the essentials when traveling. I try to pick small shoes even though I still travel with 4 to 5 pairs. This weekend I am traveling with my friend to her home in Connecticut for a relaxing Labor Day vacation. I'm not too worried with my packing considering its still warm out and I'll be able to pack lighter options to take with me.

Here are some Tips on how to "overpack" for the weekend:

1. Buy the perfect travel bag- The length of your trip and the type of trip definitely will affect the size of your travel bag. If you are packing for the weekend, like I am today, a medium duffle bag is just perfect. I definitely suggest that you make sure it is easy to carry and the zipper opens wide enough to be able to accommodate everything you plan to pack. This makes it easier when having to search for things within the bag on the go. You might need a bigger suitcase if you're traveling by plane for 2 weeks or more. It might get a little complicated because airlines now have regulations that you should be aware of.

2. Write it down- I can advise you from personal experience that when you write things down you won't forget a thing. A few weeks ago I forgot my makeup bag on a trip to Boston.. I was going away for a fashion show so lets just say I was having a small panic attack. I am lucky enough to have friends like Becca and Chris that came to the rescue and delivered the precious cargo to me. Since that incident I will never travel without making a list of the things I need for my trip.

3. Small Essentials- Even though I am not traveling by plane or train this weekend, I still don't find it necessary to take with me large bottled toiletries. Weather you live walking distance from a CVS like me or a car ride away, you should definitely purchase small travel items. It makes it easier to fit in with everything else you are packing. I would rather have small toiletries to be able to fit an extra pair of shoes and even another outfit rather than waste the space on large ones. I also recommend for you to put any liquids or creams in small ziplock bags, you want to make sure everything is sealed so nothing can get ruined.

4. Bottom To Top- Keep the heavier items on the bottom and try to lay flat the lighter ones on top. I would not advise you to role your clothing, if the fabrics are prone to wrinkles, cotton, satin and linen just to name a few, so lay them flat! Put your jewelry inside of your clutches and anything that you can pack inside another bag to save space. Try to travel with the bigger pieces on you. Today while traveling I will wear the largest pair of shoes, this way I will save space for other items. If you are traveling with any valuables keep them in your purse or anywhere close to your body.

5. Do Not Forget- As a reminder don't forget the small important things that many times I have forgotten in the past. Any type of chargers for devices you might be carrying with you or an extra battery for your phone. Now a days, checking social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram) constantly, my phone doesn't last the full day with battery. I purchased a small portable charger from Flaunt that doesn't need to be connected to an electrical outlet and can be charged. Toothbrush, makeup bag, razor, contact case and glasses. Most of these things cannot be packed days in advance. Definitely keep them on the top of your list this way you won't forget. Before you pack the bag make sure to look at the pile of items and think about your trip and exactly what you will be doing each day so you don't forget a thing.

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PS. Keep the list with you, you can keep reviewing it to make sure you are not leaving anything behind before you walk out the door. Can't wait to share with you what I do with my Labor Day weekend.

Safe Travels and Happy Friday to all!

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