G.I.N. meets F.I.G.

I am thrilled to announce that Gin & Topics will be collaborating with Food Is Good (F.I.G.) by Michele Figliuolo.


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Michele Figliuolo is the founder of the blog F.I.G. (Food Is Good) which she started a year ago. Michele is majoring in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management in Providence at Johnson & Wales University. This summer she had the pleasure to study abroad/interning in Italy just like I did last year! The specific program was called Food and Culture Immersion, which she earned college credits from and worked in an Italian restaurant on the line on multiple stations. Michele also took Italian Product Identification Classes. She is currently in NYC doing another internship at The Chew on ABC, which is a show that celebrates and explores life through food.  She is specifically doing prep kitchen in their studio on the floor!

michele 2michele 1

Michele and I met last year while I was completing my Fashion Degree at JWU and when she joined my sorority Phi Sigma Sigma. We have also traveled to Mexico together on vacation and both share a passion for what we love to do. Not only is Michele succeeding in the culinary industry but, she also has an amazing sense of style. I am not lying when I tell you if you saw us together you would immediately assume she went to school for fashion as well.

fig ans gin

 I will be posting some of F.I.G.'s favorite recipes so you can try them out yourself.  I will also be challenging myself to try to make some of them, but don't forget I live in a micro loft with NO stove. (Click on micro-loft to see my apartment)

I promise ill try my best to improvise!



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