Obsessed With The Set

 Choosing my OOTD (outfit of the day) is by far the best part of my day. Growing up with no seasons (It's summer all year round in Puerto Rico) and wearing the same uniform for 14 years, I didn't have much room to get creative with my outfits during the week. I also was super active when I was younger. I was a part of every team you could imagine, volleyball, soccer, softball, pingpong and even bowling (LOL). Believe or not, I barely had time to wear my own clothing, other than my pjs. Maybe that is why I would walk around the house in my moms heels since I was six and enjoyed going to bed wearing a pearl necklace. I'm telling you. I've had a passion to dress up and choose my own outfits for as long as I can remember.

Yo cuando pequeña edited

(Outfit picked by myself for a normal day in the park back in 1995)

Even though I enjoy mixing and matches different pieces, I have a secret to confess, I have a SMALL obsession with sets. Whether it's top with a matching shorts or a crop top with a longer skirt. I can't seem to get away from them. These 2 that have recently become a part of my wardrobe.

Set 1 edited

set 2 edited

Did I mention that Styleweek is around the corner? Well just in case you didn't know, Styleweek gives the opportunity for fashion designers to show collections while the spectators enjoy drinks and shopping. It is a fashion week focused on business and brand development.- Read more about Styleweek

I have been planning my outfits for the fashion shows since the beginning of the summer.

The picture bellow is a preview of one of my amazing outfits.

preview set edited

I recently just had a fitting for my opening night piece that Jess Abernathy is currently working on. I won't spoil it with any pictures but,

guess what?

It' a SET.

If fashion is not your passion, matching sets can be really helpful. Someone else already took the time to put two pieces together. All you have to do it choose the right pair of shoes and of course add some jewelry and your ready to go!

set 5 edited

(One of my going out sets)

Set 3 edited

(One of my day time sets)

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